Awakening Your True Self

There are many reasons for gifting yourself with the experience of Shamanic Training. It is a journey of deepening, of empowerment, of transformation, joy and connection. This training has been life changing for many people who have found the courage and support to make important changes in themselves and their lives.  Many have found renewal and strength, guidance and healing from connecting with Earth and Spirit and Tribe through shamanic training. The ancient teachings, ceremonies, journeys, rituals, time in nature, drumming and sharing with kindred spirits is a potent blend of inner and outer work to help one align more deeply with their True Self and True Path.  I am delighted to announce my 11th year of offering Shamanic Training. Why not usher in the dawn of a New Earth, of 2012, with the ancient power of the Shamanic Path!

Foundational Course

This training is open to anyone interested in furthering their personal and spiritual growth through the Shamanic Path of Ancient Wisdom and Transformation.

From Eagle’s Perspective:

This training consists of 6 weekends in a year, one every other month, each with a different focus. They are mostly experiential with some background material and follow-up given. We begin with Shamanic Journeying, the Ceremony of Calling In the Directions, setting goals and intentions and aTransformational Fire Ceremony. We then explore Power Animals, learn how to retrieve them for ourselves and others, make masks and trance dance to embody them. Energy Healingcomes next, learning about chakras and the Light Body, how to do shamanic extractions and diagnosis, release energy, clear a space, do tribal healings, Earth Healing and past lifehealing. We progress to Ancestral Healing, finding out who are ancestors were, the beliefs and patterns we took on from our lineages, using Shamanic Theater to bring them to light and doing a Siberian Fire Ceremony to release the wounds, harvest the gifts of, and honor our ancestry. We then immerse ourselves in Mother Earth and do intentional solo time in nature and end with the powerful purification of the sweat lodge. Each weekend we spend some time in nature and do at least one shamanic drum journey. Having shed old skins and gathered more power, we emerge from the year cleansed, renewed and more passionate and authentic than ever!

From Mouse’s View:

Some logistics to consider. Each weekend begins with dinner on friday and ends with lunch sunday. Commitment to the training means coming to all the weekends and participating wholeheartedly. The training will be held at Spirit Fire Retreat Center in Leyden, MA ( which has a beautiful, spacious green building on 90+ acres. The cost for the year is $2400 which includes food (6 meals per weekend), lodging, and training fee. A $400 deposit will hold your space which is refundable up until 30 days before the starting date. The remainder can be paid in bimonthly installments on the training weekends.

If you are interested in the training, an interview with Cathy is required. This can be done in person or by phone. Once this is completed and a deposit is sent, you will receive a registration packet. The dates for 2014 are January 24-26, March21-23, May 16-18, July 11-13, Sept 12-14 and November 14-16. For more info contact Cathy at,  978-855-0688.

Level II – Deepening The Practice and Finding Your Medicine

This training is for those who have experienced Level I or who have a strong background in shamanism. Deepening your own healing and practice of shamanic work, and discovering more of your personal “medicine” is the focus of this training. You will learn and experience the process of Soul Retrieval, Light Body Healing, Birth and Death lodges; create Medicine Bundles and Medicine Shields; work with personal myths, intuition cultivation, Huna philosphy as well as ongoing shamanic journeying and ceremonies. Time will be spent in nature on beautiful and powerful sacred land. You will also deveop your own personal rituals and ceremonies. There will be practice given in leading shamanic work. This year-long training consists of six weekends in a year. Held in western MA. Pre-requisite Level I or equivalent. 2012 starting date TBA. For more into contact Cathy.

Level III – Practitioner’s Training

This course is designed to support you in coming more fully into your mastery as a Shamanic Practitioner. It includes processes and ceremonies to increase your personal power such as the Manifestation Wheel, Death Lodge, Birthing Way, Ecstasy Breath, Trance Dance, Forgiveness Fire, Past Life Healing and Power Animal Walk. There will be opportunities to co-create ceremony and practice leadership and healership in a safe and sacred space. Meets five weekends and one week-long intensive in a year.