Phone Sessions and Webinars

“I have been consistently amazed by Cathy’s capacity to work with me on a wide variety of issues intuitively and skillfully, even though almost all of our sessions have been conducted over the phone.  A true shaman, Cathy bridges the realms of Earth and Spirit to access powerful insights and healing.”  K.S. Santa Cruz, CA


Phone Sessions

Ideally, one would like to connect person to person in a healing session, but that is not always possible in today’s modern world. Cathy has worked successfully with a number of people through phone sessions. Since shamans journey through time and space to affect change, healing can be done at a distance.  In a phone session, Cathy is able to see a person’s energy field and chakras, identify blocks and help find and heal the root cause. She can see past lives and help clear any associated negative influences, cords and blueprints that are keeping someone from moving forward. She works with childhood wounds and lost parts of self and to heal and reclaim them. Cathy connects with Spirit Guides and Ancestors and channel information and healing energies. Cathy can also work on a psycho-spiritual level to provide support and coaching around particular issues in one’s life. She may also use guided visualization, energy balancing and LuSTARA Energy Transmissions affect healing in a phone session.


Cathy will soon begin sharing her work through Webinars. Check the calendar to find an upcoming event.

Each healing session with Cathy is a divinely-guided journey into a person’s psyche, soul, spirit and body.   Read more>>

I welcome you to come experience this amazing energy and the profound and useful wisdom that comes from the LuSTARA Guides.

Shamanic Training is a journey of empowerment, transformation, joy and connection. Details>>