Extra-Ordinary Lightwork for 2012 and beyond!

 Want to feel lighter, more uplifted, clearer, centered and more grounded?

Are you ready to experience a powerful, high vibrational energy that clears out blocks and helps you adjust to the intense frequencies on the planet right now?

Would you like guidance from the “Realms of Truth and Light” to help you find clarity and purpose in your life?

Then come experience LuSTARA Energy, you’ll be so happy you did! 

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Channelled Message From LuSTARA Guides 11/28/12

There is a 2.5 min transmission of LuSTARA Energy at the beginning, then speaking begins


For over 20 years I have been consciously working with healing energies, for myself, the Earth and other people. Several years ago, I heard the words “Light Body Activation” as I was channeling energy into a client at the end of a session. Over the years, many clients asked what the energy was that I channeled as they felt it to be very powerful, peaceful and uplifting. I honestly didn’t know what the energy was, so I just said it’s the energy that comes through me.

On January 1, 2011, a higher vibration of energy began to flow through my hands and it did so in a unique patterning that I had never seen or felt before. It called itself “LuSTARA” literally, “Light of the Stars”, and it entered the human body in geometric forms. The vibration was very high, clear, loving, and extremely peaceful. I began to channel this Light for myself, my animal companions and a few select people. I dialogued with my Guides through writing to find out more about LuSTARA, what it was to be used for and why it was coming to me at this time. I had always felt a connection to the Stars, and the previous summer I was guided to buy a journal to communicate with the Star Beings through writing and asking questions.

For months after LuSTARA came in, I experienced deep purification in my physical body as well emotionally, mentally and spiritually. My physical energy went through vast highs and lows in order to adjust to this new frequency of Light that I was not only channeling but becoming. I was faced with deep-seated issues that needed to be transformed so I could be a clearer vessel of Light. I also experienced periods of what I can only call bliss where I was perceiving the world through new eyes of wonder and joy, and existing in a very present state of Being and Gratitude. After several months, I began to share LuSTARA Energy with small groups and individuals.I am now open to sharing LuSTARA Energy with larger groups in person and through Webinars.

 What Is LuSTARA?

LuSTARA Energy is a high vibrational matrix that carries with it encoding for a New Humanity and a New Earth. It releases old blueprints and clears negative thought forms, beliefs, pattern, ancestral imprints, cords and limiting perceptions of self. It activates the Light Body, specifically the DNA, to move to a higher vibration. LuSTARA uplifts, unifies, is mentally calming, physically healing, emotionally balancing and spiritually expanding. It is a healing balm that enlivens and fuels the cells in their own healing process. LuSTARA Energy opens portals of energy in the body, to receive more light. It awakens intuition and healing abilities and heightens sensitivity to the natural world. For those who already work with energy, it enhances the vibration of what you presently transmit. LuSTARA can be integrated into all the bodies and is a means by which Celestial Beings can communicate love and support to those on Earth.

Why Now?

LuSTARA comes to us now not only for our own personal evolution but to assist Mother Earth in her transition to a higher vibration. As more humans transmute their own dense energies and awaken their light bodies, there will be less of a need for Earth to go through huge waves of purification. The more humans that receive this energy and are activated into greater Light, the more stable she will be during this rebirthing process. LuSTARA also reconnects us to our Star Guides, our Star Body and our Home Star to help us remember why we are here, who we really are and the unique gifts we came to share. We can then receive new insights and energy to help evolve ourselves and serve the Earth in the best way at this time.

LuSTARA and Light Body Activation

Light Body Activation (LBA) is an awakening of our luminous energy field which unlocks encoding in our cells and chakras so that we can receive higher vibrations of light. It allows a restructuring of the DNA so that we become encoded as Light Beings and literally become light. LuSTARA Energy is a vehicle that assists in LBA. As more humans become activated, it will assist the Earth Mother in transmuting the denser energies on the planet as she shifts to a higher vibration. LBA also allows us to become aligned with the Deepest Truth of Who We Are (our encoding) so we can fully express our unique gifts and create our own Heaven On Earth. As humans become purer channels of love and light, like our brother and sister creatures on Earth, we can more clearly resonate our unique vibration or facet of the One. Together with Earth, we then become a grand symphony, each playing his or her own part and blending together in a huge harmonic which resonates throughout the Universe. This heralds in the prophesied Fifth World of Peace where harmony within and between all systems and beings is possible.