SHAMANIC HEALING IS DEEP SOUL WORK.  It  allows us to clear our energy field of negativity, reclaim lost power, understand life lessons, release the past, raise our vibration and move forward with renewed energy, clarity and purpose. It can provide relief from depression, anxiety, confusion, chronic illness and feeling stuck. Through shamanic healing we can connect with Spirit guides and heal the wounded places of our bodies, minds, spirits and souls. Ultimately, this type of healing aligns us with our purpose, our gifts and the deeper truth of who we really are.

Are you ready to . . .

  • Re-Unite with lost parts of yourself, dreams, and desires
  • Understand the deeper design of your life; your beliefs, patterns, past lives, soul contracts, wounds and gifts
  • Let go of feeling blocked, anxious, depressed, tired, sick
  • Increase your energy, clarity, inspiration
  • Connect with spirit guides, power animals, angels, ancestors, star beings
  • Remember what you know and Who You Really Are!

What is a healing session with Cathy like?

Cathy offers a variety of different types of healing sessions, many of which can also be done over the phone, for individuals, couples, children, and groups. She will often do an initial diagnostic session to discern the best healing plan for a client.

Cathy is a gifted clairvoyant and a wise and compassionate healer. She creates a very safe and sacred space for her clients. Each session is a divinely-guided journey into a person’s psyche, soul, spirit and body. With clear intention Cathy invokes the power of spirit guides, guardians, Ascended Masters, Divine Mother, elemental forces, nature spirits, star beings, ancestors and other benevolent spirits to assist in the healing. Using her shamanic gifts, Cathy identifies and helps shift core beliefs, long-held patterns and parts of self that may be keeping a person in fear and limitation. She reconnects a person to lost parts of self and their spirit guides, heals past lives and channels healing energies and information. Cathy helps release whatever is blocking one’s flow of life force, thus causing effects such as disease, depression, anxiety, confusion, immobility and despair. She may use tools such as drums, rattles, feathers, crystals, stones and toning to assist in healing. Cathy ends her sessions with an energy balancing as part of an integration process. After a session, many clients experience feelings of increased energy, lightness, clarity, joy, power and inner peace.

Cathy facilitates healing with the strength of Jaguar, gentleness of Deer and free flight of Eagle. She connects deeply with Spirit and Earth and travels between the dimensions to create harmony, ease, understanding and wholeness. She can assist you in releasing what no longer serves you and coming into vibrational alignment with your Source, your well of creativity, abundance, joy, and aliveness. She delights in your healing and empowerment and supporting you in taking the next steps on your journey.

“I have always found Cathy’s therapeutic approach and personal style to be on a highly advanced and sophisticated level, in the way she deals with me, and the ease in which she mediates transpersonal energies and transmutes darker energies.  I have found Cathy to be consistently comfortable and confident in entering both the realms of the light and dark. She also possesses an unusual degree of refined psychological awareness, and an eloquence that is enlivening and thought-provoking, as she articulates, what at times, seems inexpressible. She manages to accomplish all this with an air of humility that fosters a warm human connection.”  T.S., Retired Psychotherapist

How long is a session and what is the cost?

Cathy typically works in session with a client for an 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours. The cost is $125 for 1 hour, $185 for 1.5 hours and $250 for 2 hours.  Sessions are very powerful and a lot of inner work gets completed within each one. The cost is based on Cathy’s expertise of 20 plus years of doing shamanic healing, the time to prepare herself for each session, cleanse herself and the space after each session, rent and travel to and from the office.  If the cost is a hardship for you, Cathy is open to discussing options that work for your situation.

Phone Sessions are also available.