I found my way to Cathy’s healing work through my sister who had been working with her for quite some time. I had been really impressed by the changes I could see in my sister and the enormous strides she had taken in her healing and self-development through her sessions with Cathy. Being privy to that kind of evidence naturally made me confident that Cathy could also help me, but I was in no way prepared for just how much of an impact an hour and a half with Cathy would have on me entire being. Upon leaving her office, I felt physically, mentally and spiritually like a completely new person. I felt as though Cathy had lifted an enormous weight off of my body and once it was off I could not fathom having lived the way I had before. I felt both light and full of light. What was even more astounding was that profound changes continued to happen in the energy of my being for weeks following my initial session. I am so grateful for having found her. Cathy’s work is phenomenal and she herself is love and kindness.

S. Z., Sociology Professor


I have found nothing to equal the work I have done with Cathy Pedevillano. I had a deep need to heal my heart and remember and strengthen my life-purpose. Cathy’s work opened the doors to who I am and what I can contribute to this world. She began a real journey of discovery and self-mastery with me. I will never stop being grateful to her. The work continues to unfold and grow and yield real results to this day.

D. L., Opera Singer


I’ve worked with Cathy for many years and I’m constantly amazed by the ease by which she guides people to hidden realms of power. These realms are all around us and Cathy has the key. It’s up to us of course, whether or not we walk through the door. If we say yes, Cathy makes it a joy.

B.P., Spiritual Coach/Writer/Facilitator


I have had the honor of working with Cathy Pedevillano since October 2004 on an individual and group basis, and have found her to be an exceptional teacher and practitioner of the shamanic way. Her mission of a harmonious earth through gentle heart opening resonates and empowers all who encounter her. During both day-long and weekend retreats, led by Cathy, I have reclaimed a part of myself that was lost, and have been given insights into both past and present relationships. With Cathy shepherding us through our individual journeys, I have experienced truly wondrous visions and have concretized my understanding of my life’s purpose. She has healed me in ways I could not have foreseen, and brought me to a deepened spirituality.

V. B., Certified Professional Life Coach


When I came to Cathy, I was feeling hopeless and had hit bottom. This stemmed from years of feeling isolated, depressed and just not feeling whole and complete. For years I tried to explain to my friends and loved ones these feelings and they just did not understand it, not even trained psychiatrists. After my first session with Cathy this all changed. Her caring and compassionate manner of listening and subsequent healing, embarked me on a new venture and a new way to approach my life. Today I feel complete and possess and inner happiness that I thought were only possible in others. My life has not changed per se, but my outlook and feelings on life have changed. I no longer look at my life as being an uphill battle, but as a beautiful adventure filled with loving guides leading the way. I look forward to my sessions with Cathy as I know I will learn something new about my past, present and how to use the tools she has suggested to the best of my ability on living a light filled existence on earth. I am truly blessed having found Cathy and you will too.

L. O., Sales Representative/College Student/Caregiver


Cathy’s blend of compassion, patience, and encouragement has allowed me to feel safe to explore the depths of my feelings, and to use them to grow into who I really want to be. As a healer, she draws from the wisdom of her own inner work, a variety of skills and experiences, and an intuition that I have complete trust in. The shamanic work I have done with Cathy is a whole realm of powerful processes and rituals that have given my spiritual life a new dimension, plus some unique tools to handle the more mundane demands of everyday life. Cathy’s connection to the animal spirit world in particular is something remarkable: she draws on that in her healing work, as she serves as a mediator between people and the greater wisdom of nature. She also teaches others, through her shamanic trainings and deep ecology workshops, how to connect with this vast source of joy and healing.

L. K., Ph.d Writer/Artist/Biology Professor


“Cathy Pedevillano is a remarkably gifted healer and teacher—wise, intuitive, compassionate, and powerful. Working with her has had a profound impact on my life, helping me connect with my true self, access my deepest gifts, heal old wounds and patterns, and connect with wisdom and guidance from the Spirit realm.”

K.S., Nature Guide/Writer


“Cathy’s work has been invaluable to me in so many ways. Working with her regularly for 3 years has helped me conquor my fears and manifest my dreams. Under Cathy’s guidance and healing, I was able to actualize my dream of winning the Philadelphia marathon and qualifying for the 2004 Olympic Trials. I am 100% certain that the work we did together helped me achieve this success, as well as tremendous growth spiritually. I highly recommend her work to anyone that is looking to evolve and become empowered. She is a rare and gifted teacher and healer.”

S. C., Therapist/Reiki Master/Elite Runner


“I was in a place in my life where things were not clear, ungrounded and even a bit scary. The work I did with Cathy touched into places that really surprised me and we were able to release old and stuck energies and thought patterns. The effect is still lasting many months later. I can’t wait to do another session with her!”

J. W., BRETHwork Trainer/Mediation Specialist