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Date(s) - Monday, March 18, 2019
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

The Nacul Center

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LuSTARA is Extra-Ordinary Lightwork for 2019 and beyond!

For centuries, Indigenous peoples have recognized a connection between humans and Star Beings, and some cultures continue to honor this relationship in ceremony, song and prayer. On January 1, 2011, I began channeling a particular energy that called itself “LuSTARA”, meaning “Light Of The Stars”. It entered and flowed through the human body in a unique pattern that I had never seen or experienced in many years of working with healing energies. The vibration was high, clear, nurturing, uplifting and extremely peaceful. LuSTARA would like to assist those ready to expand into their Greater Selves and align with their Essence and Purpose. It is here to help us adjust to shifting frequencies during Earth Changes and to assist Earth in her transformation.

I am delighted to continue offering group healing sessions with LuSTARA energy. Many people have had profound and inspiring experiences with this energy, with lasting effects. The messages from the guides are clear, grounded and helpful, giving a larger perspective on personal and planetary issues. Each 90 minutes session includes a guided meditation, chakra and aura clearing, a hands-on transmission of the Energy, a channeled group message, and time for individual questions of the Guides. Sessions take place at the Nacul Center in Amherst, MA unless otherwise notified.

Come experience this unique and powerful energy. You’ll be happy you did!

To Register for a Session: Contact me at cathy@heartofshamanism.com or 978-855-0688. A deposit of $25 will insure your space which is refundable if you cancel 24 hrs before group. The fee for the 90 minute session is sliding scale $45-75. Please send check made out to “Heart of Shamanism” to Cathy Pedevillano, P.O. Box 84, Lake Pleasant, MA 01347. Payment can also be made through paypal (please add 5% to cover fees) on the Contact page of www.shamaniclightwork.org. Thank you!

What People Are Saying About LuSTARA

“I have been part of several LuSTARA healing sessions with Cathy, and each one has been extraordinary. What happens during the sessions is remarkable. Cathy sets the stage, welcomes in this powerful, resonant energy from the LuSTARA guides, and we are launched deeply into a place of learning and healing. The LuSTARA guides communicate through Cathy – for the assembled group, and in response to individual questions. Messages are exactly what we are meant to hear at that moment, and some have stayed with me for several months, or years, along with physical and emotional shifts. The whole experience is brilliant, and one that I plan to continue and build on.” K.W.

“Cathy is one of those gifted healers that brings clarity, safety and integrity to her practices. I am a regular journeyer and recipient of LuSTARA, the knowledge that Cathy channels from star beings. LuSTARA has a way of zoning in and pointing me in the right direction, coming from a very loving and constructive place. I find these sessions to stay with me for days and weeks as I contemplate their impact on my life. I get so much from the group message as it’s delivered and go even deeper with the answers that are given personally. The whole process facilitates the opening into the eternal presence within. I love this work and love that Cathy offers this as part of her healing practice.“ R.K.

“I found the LuSTARA energy to be intensely joyful and uplifting. I received clarity on my path, and the messages Cathy channeled are so important, and need to be heard by everybody wanting to manifest love and peace in the world we share.” – K. L.

What Is LuSTARA?
LuSTARA Energy is a high vibrational matrix that carries with it encoding for a New Humanity and a New Earth. LuSTARA uplifts, unifies, is mentally calming, physically healing, emotionally balancing and spiritually expanding. It releases old blueprints and clears negative thought forms, beliefs, pattern, ancestral imprints, cords and limiting perceptions of self. It activates the Light Body, specifically the DNA, to move to a higher vibration. It is a healing balm that enlivens and fuels the cells in their own healing process. LuSTARA Energy opens portals of energy in the body, to receive more light. It awakens intuition and healing abilities and heightens sensitivity to the natural world. For those who already work with energy, it enhances the vibration of what you presently transmit. LuSTARA can be integrated into all the bodies and is a means by which Celestial Beings can communicate love and support to those on Earth.

Why Now?
LuSTARA comes to us now not only for our own personal evolution but to assist Mother Earth in her transition to a higher vibration. As more humans transmute their own dense energies and awaken their light bodies, there will be less of a need for Earth to go through huge waves of purification. The more humans that receive this energy and are activated into greater Light, the more stable she will be during this rebirthing process. The energy also flows through humans to Earth herself which creates a planetary grid of Light. LuSTARA also reconnects us to our Star Guides, our Star Body and our Home Star to help us remember why we are here, who we really are and the unique gifts we came to share. We can then receive new insights and energy to help evolve ourselves and serve the Earth in the best way at this time.

More Experiences With LuSTARA
“The LuSTARA energy was very sweet and soothing and yet there was also a vibrancy and electricity to it I felt an out of body experience that seemed to soar in a free fall kind of experience. I have experienced many years of various types of energy, both giving and receiving, and I have to say that the quality of this LuSTARA energy feels quite different. It has an “other world” feeling to it. Something just beyond the conscious grasp.” M. M.

“I have been working with Cathy for a few years and find her presence and shamanic work incredibly valuable. I recently had a session that really shifted the energy within me. At the end, Cathy held my feet and the energy that I felt and saw was new. I have been very energized since then and more importantly, I feel a spaciousness within me bringing with it love, a sense of calm and a higher level of clarity. I am able to deal with some intense situations that are in my life now with so much more grace and ease. The LuSTARA energy also seemed to be transmitted to me so I could share it with my clients.” S. Z.