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Date(s) - Tuesday, August 1, 2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Nacul Center


“Dolphin Dreamtime”


We are fortunate to share this planet with some amazing beings that we call Dolphins. Though they live in the sea, and some in inland rivers, these wonderful creatures transmit joy and healing and higher consciousness wherever they go. Dolphins are masters of breath and sound and can teach us to call forth from the waters of life that which we most desire. Dolphin has been seen as a messenger of the gods in Greek mythology and a symbol of salvation to early Christians. These magnificent sea mammals give birth to live young, nurse them and travel in pods where they cooperate in finding food and protecting young. They have sonar ability and communicate using a series of clicks that reverberate through the water and send out their messages. Whatever your relationship to Dolphin, come journey and connect more deeply to these wise and beautiful creatures!

We begin the evening with a guided relaxation and chakra clearing, inviting in the healing of Dolphin and the cleansing waters. This will be followed by group drumming, rattling, moving and sounding. We will then have a guided drum journey and sharing circle.

Come join us for a Refreshing, Deep, Joyful and Healing Evening.
All are welcome!


What to Bring: Drums, rattles (if you have them), bandana or scarf to cover eyes, mat to lie on,blanket, water bottle, notebook
Cost: $20-30 sliding scale