Shamanic Journeying CD Now Available!

Journey in the comfort of your own home
Relax… open your chakras… journey to the sounds of the drum… the flute… streams and waterfalls… nature sounds
Receive guidance… healing energy…. support… inspiration
Guided journeys will help you connect with power animals… ancestors… nature spirits… guides… inner wisdom
Visualize healing for Mother Earth


For years, people have been asking me to record my shamanic drum journeys so they practice and experience journeying outside of workshops and trainings. So, at long last, here it is! I am excited to share this CD with you so you can access healing and guidance whenever you need it. There is a guided chakra opening meditation backed by relaxing flute music, a drum journey with guided and unguided portions, a track of double drumming, a water purification journey to the sounds of streams and waterfalls, a journey to find power animals for each of your chakras, and lastly a blessing for Mother Earth backed by nature sounds where you can visualize a planet that is healthy and whole. I hope you will enjoy this CD. May it support you during these challenging and exciting times on the planet!

“Cathy – thank you so much for your CD. I went on a journey last night into the lower worlds and discovered truths about my psyche that are life-changing and that I wish I had known about my entire life. Every time I interact with you in this way I grow in ways I could not have anticipated. You really are a blessing in my life. Thank you!” T.N.

1. Guided Relaxation and Chakra Opening

Listen: [audio]
2. Journey to the Lower Worlds
3. Double Drumming With Call Back
4. Journey To The Healing Waters
5. Chakra Animal Tribal Journey
6. Blessing For Mother Earth


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