Welcome to my new website! I’m excited to have a “new look” and even a new name for what I do. “Heart Of Shamanism” still holds the container for what I do, but “Shamanic Lightwork” is closer to the essence of what I do/what comes through me /what I co-create with Spirit. Placing words on large concepts is somewhat limiting, yet language is what we have to point to concepts and ideas. Since I began “officially” channeling LuSTARA energy in 2011, it has infused everything I do because it has infused me and is part of who I am. I have always done “lightwork”, bringing in energy, transmuting and releasing energy, channeling spirit guides, raising the vibrationl Shamanism is also very much a part of who I am; connecting with Nature, doing ceremony, communicating with Spirit, traveling through the dimensions to affect healing and being a catalyst for shifting consciousness. So, put them together and there you have it “Shamanic Lightwork!”

Shamanism comes from the Earth, Lightwork from the Stars. It’s no accident, I named my CD “Made of Earth and Stars” because that is what we are. Our bodies exist in the realm of biology, our consciousness is as vast as the cosmos. What a great combination for constant change and expansion! As I have attained a new level of wholeness in my self, I am able to bring together these energies even more powerfully to assist humanity and Earth during these amazing and intense times.

So, check out my new website. There’s a lot to see, new photos, new offerings, new writings. You can now listen and download the first track of my CD, a guided meditation and chakra opening. Read about LuSTARA Energy and Light Body Activation and come to a LuSTARA gathering, they are amazing. I will soon have information about my trip to the Southwest in May of 2013 and Shamanic Training Level II also being offered next year. I am also planning a series of on-line classes and will soon have some YouTube videos available. So, expansion and visibility are key words for me in the coming year. This new website is my launch pad. Hope to see you at an event somewhere on Earth or maybe in the Stars!


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