Have you noticed how the energies of purification seem to come in pulses both personally and collectively? Like tornadoes and wildfires and floods that sweep through in minutes leaving wakes of destruction and death. Ultimately they cause changes whether it’s upheaval in someone’s life, burning away dead wood or altering the landscape. Since we are living on a Planet in the midst of deep purification, we also have the opportunity to choose to cleanse ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. To resist this process only brings suffering and mis-alignment with Earth energies. Everything changes, we cannot escape that truth. Why not choose to move gracefully through these changes, to accept what is and surrender to the flow. Easier said than done when perhaps we are dealing with a physical disability, loss of a job or loved one, a barrage of emotions or a spiritual crisis. Whatever it is we are dealing with, we are usually better off stepping right into the pain or fear or sorrow or confusion rather than avoiding it through addictions and distractions. That takes courage and determination. If you feel lacking in those qualities, how about trying to cultivate them or practicing with lesser issues before you tackle the major ones. Our work right now is to heal ourselves, to be honest about who we are, the choices we’ve made, what has happened to us, how we operate in our relationships, our careers and our families. Bringing awareness to ourselves and our lives is key, not judgement or criticism or blame or regret, just pure awareness. There may always be aspects of our behavior or thoughts that we like or dislike, but we can soften around them, have compassion for ourselves and others and realize that we are human beings, perfect at the center but imperfect around the edges.

So, back to the pulses. Stars and the Universe pulse, the Earth pulses, our heart pulses. Our breath flows in and out, flowers bloom and die, fireflies emit pulses of light. How can we expect anything to remain the same when there is all this pulsing going on around us. It might be useful to notice how we pulse, how we may have bursts of creativity and inspiration followed by seemingly long periods of inactivity. How we have tons of energy one day and feel tired the next. How we can’t wait to see friends and socialize at one time and then feel a need to be alone and do nothing. These are pulses and natural cycles. If we push ourselves to be a certain way that it is not truly aligned with where we are, then we become imbalanced.

So how do we know where we are in this cycle of pulsing? That takes practice and the willingness to be quiet and listen and feel. Perhaps to ask the question, what is that I really need and want right now and waiting for the answer or an image or a feeling or a nudge in a particular direction. It takes getting to know ourselves in a deeper way, how we are feeling emotionally or what our body needs. It means being receptive and learning how to tune into yourself and creating space free of distractions, to just be. This is radical behavior which contradicts the dominant paradigm of constantly doing and achieving and working hard and exerting one’s will over the body needs and the inner worlds. Let’s engage in radical beingness.
We also see in the world now the dissolution of structures and governments and regimes and systems we thought would never budge. What a great time to dethrone our inner dictators, collapse our inner structures built on fear or greed or that serve to imprison us. How about creating a new inner economy based on the wealth and abundance of who we really are. As we begin to do this work, we see how the inner and outer are not all that dissimilar. In fact the world as we see it is an outpicturing of these long-held personal and collective beliefs. Hence the saying, “Change Yourself, Change the World”.
So, as we pulse our way into greater expansion, let’s enjoy the journey, feel excited by the unknown and keep our focus on what we want to create. Perhaps we’ll see that these pulses of purification emanating from Earth and Stars support the expansion and contraction of the birth of a New Earth and New Humanity.
Blessings on Your Journey!

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