On January 2, I asked my Guides if they had any words of wisdom for me about the year ahead. Surrender was the word I heard, to my highest Self and to my highest good. More specific advice came, but the word Surrender was lit up in neon lights. I couldn’t help but flash back to the Wizard Of Oz, when “Surrender Dorothy” was written in cloud words in the sky. Hopefully, flying monkeys would not soon be coming to get me. But, as I soon realized, I had my own version of nasty chimps that imprisoned me.

As I mulled over their words, I begin to understand that Surrender can be both a practice and a state of being. Years ago, I learned that surrender does not mean submission. It is not a complete giving over of your will to someone or something else. But it involves a willingness to let go, to lean back and float and trust that you will carried on the river of your own flow. Surrender requires patience to not know what’s next or even where you are going, faith that you will be taken care of and awareness of the gifts that come along the way. This practice involves opening our receptive channels and really taking in the abundance that is our birthright, and knowing that we ARE worthy to receive. The wisdom of surrender knows that we are held in a state of Grace, with a capital G, and that the timing of the Universe is usually just right.

As the days progressed, I saw that my willingness to surrender invited in some guests to be entertained for awhile. One was named Scarcity Consciousness and another Unworthiness. These are energies that have lived within me for a long time. Their origins are ancestral, cultural, familial, personal and on a soul level. I find that as we experience expansion in consciousness, it can be followed by contraction. This movement is what births babies and ourselves. As we spiral through our “issues”, we often meet these guests again even after we have done much work to contradict their negative influences. So, here was my next inner project; to be with these energies, understand their origins, unravel the cords that still limit me, monitor my thoughts, focus on what I want to create, and pray for freedom. And so we go, and so we grow.

I have already had many opportunities this year to “Surrender to What Is” as I have had to release what I thought my life should look like and accept what’s happening now. It doesn’t mean that I don’t put energy into what I want to create, but it means I am less attached to the particular form in which it manifests. We have already witnessed massive external shifts happening in the world; structures, systems, regimes breaking down and personal will rising up. Perhaps this is an outpicturing of what has been happening inside so many of us who are shifting our own internal structures so we can align more solidly with our personal truth.

The Great Purification is happening on so many levels. It’s easy to get caught up in the outer worlds and all there is to do to affect change, but it’s also essential to clean up our own backyard and take out our own personal trash. As we see and feel solidarity blooming all over the planet, can we extend that to ourselves and the many parts of self that are craving support and alliance. As we navigate these waters of change, whether running the rapids with fear and exhilaration, or resting peacefully in calm waters, may we have the wisdom of discernment and the Grace to Surrender to What Is.

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