When I first heard the word “blog”, it was not something I ever imagined I would be involved in. But, like many things in my life, here I am, doing the unexpected. Many moons ago I had a reading in which I was told that in the future I would be merging ancient wisdom with modern technology. At the time, I looked at the woman with a confused expression, similar to what you get when you ask a dog a question, and continued on my merry way. For years I have been doing what she predicted, and now here is another opportunity.

I have recently felt a nudge from my Guides (ok, more like a kick) to get my work out in the world in a bigger way and become more visible. Part of me has been definitely wanting this for awhile and part of me has been cowering in the corner avoiding it at all costs. Why would the prospect of being “out there” as a spiritual teacher, healer and Earth lover terrify me? Oh for more reasons than I can list. Let’s just say somewhere tucked neatly away in my subconscious is a collective memory of being crucified, burned at the stake, hung, drowned, humiliated, imprisoned and shot. Let’s add to that mix some personal experiences in this life of early childhood trauma and Catholic school upbringing, and there you have it, enough insecurity and fear to stop a herd of buffalo. But, as many of us “lightworkers” knew when we incarnated, it was not going to be a complete joy ride, at least until we reached a certain stage in the evolution of our consciousness.

So, after spending much of my adult life doing deep inner work through the shamanic path and other vehicles for transformation, I am here today as a living testimony to the power of love over fear and hope over despair. We live in a world where there are tremendous resources to heal ourselves and with persistence, diligence and faith, we can do just that. There are amazing examples of courageous people who have overcome adversity and emerged from their darkness with strong spirits and kind hearts. Life does become a joy ride as we learn to love ourselves and each other, to create from our deepest desires, to be in the present moment, have gratitude and feel we are part of a Power and Presence that is ever-expanding.

So, I will be using this blog to teach through my own personal experiences, to explain my work in the world, to value myself and what I have to say, and to channel the wisdom of my Guides who have been communicating with me for the past 25 years. So, there you have it, my first blog…I did it….kind of fun…thanks for listening…more to come!

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